Holistic Therapies and Spiritual Art -

Using a multi-therapeutic approach for more effective healing

In this post I am looking at how using a variety of therapies within an individual treatment plan can enhance and potentially speed up the healing process.

Reflexology for IBS and Digestive problems

This is a short article on IBS and how it can be helped with Reflexology techniques. I thought I would focus on this topic as it is really where my journey into Holistic Therapies began more than 15 years ago.


These shifts in energy force us to relate differently to each other, recognising the parts that we share and the parts that others can bring to help you complete your love spiral.

Surrendering Control

How often we remain over-attached to the outcomes of our decisions and of those of others around us. This causes our energy to become tight, locked up and rigid – it’s that feeling you get when you are at conflict within. We falsely believe that conflict is what occurs when something is ‘wrong’ when it should be ‘right’, but of course that means we are elevating ourselves to a position in which we think we know what is right – but actually it is just our opinion, not a universal truth. By setting these mental limitations on the choices we make, we are, in turn, limiting the possibilities.