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7 Best Reiki Self-Healing Positions

If you have been attuned to Reiki then you will know how easy it is to forgot about your own healing needs and just focus on giving to others, feeling that you don't have time or there's no point to it. But Reiki Healing is not just about giving to others! Self-healing is a really important aspect of your practice and the more in tune we are within ourselves, the better channel we can become. 

So here are 7 creative ideas to help you integrate the activity of self-healing more deeply into your everyday life - one for each day of the week.

SL419116EEP TIME… Most of us have the odd day when we struggle to fall asleep and for many it can be a nightly battle to switch off. Stray thoughts from the day can disrupt the natural process of releasing into slumber.

IDEA: Hold your right hand over your brow chakra and your left on your solar plexus and connect with Reiki. Feel your thoughts calming and your anxieties dissolving as you prepare for sleep or drift off naturally.


 293351MORNING WAKE-UP… You might not be too much of a morning person, but a bit of Reiki first thing as we awaken can really help to bring spiritual thoughts and everyday consciousness together for the day.

IDEA: Hold your arms out in your energy field in front of you, in line you’re your head/neck. Feel the Reiki energies flowing and give thanks for a new day with endless possibilities.


EMERGENCY TOP UP… Reiki can be the last thing we think of when we are in one of those emergency stress situations at work or with children, partners, family etc. But it i157945s just the boost we need to help with clarity and stress relief.

IDEA: Place your hands on your lap, close your eyes for a moment and activate Reiki whilst visualising a peaceful scene of your choice. Feel the tension wash away as you feel re-energised.


306535SCREEN BREAK… We spend a lot of time on electronic devices – phones, ipads, tablets, computers… and these all have EMF rays which deplete and disrupt the flow of human energy.

IDEA: When you have the feeling that you have been EMF blasted, take a break from the screen, make your connection and sweep your Reiki-charged hands all over your energy field, breaking down the negative energies.


449229NATURE RECHARGE… Reiki is not just for indoors! When you feel the need to go outside and reconnect with the natural world, you can add Reiki in to the mix for a seriously energised experience!

IDEA: Walk to your favourite nature spot and sit down, maybe under a large tree. Put your hands on the ground and activate Reiki. Visualise yourself grounding in to the earth and being charged up with earth energy.



560733VIRTUAL CUDDLE… It is possible (and not that weird!) to cuddle yourself with Reiki. No partner required!

IDEA: Wrap your arms around yourself and connect with Reiki. Feel the energy boost from this virtual cuddle and reflect on the fact that you alone are ‘enough’ and that you have all you need for your own internal happiness.



811511MIND DE-CLUTTER…The mind has a lot to answer for – our thoughts can change an experience from being positive to negative in a second. Reiki has the power to transform our state from one of chaos and negativity to peacefulness and focus.

IDEA: When you are feeling frazzled mentally, place your Reiki hands on either side of the Crown of your head and breathe slowly. This can be done in a reclining position if your arms start to ache. Feel your mental confusion dissolve as it is replaced with pure love.

This article is extracted from Marie Long's Reiki III Master course manual. To find out more, visit www.magentatherapy.co.uk.

© Marie Long 2018

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