Holistic Therapies and Spiritual Art -
  • About Marie Long

    Holistic therapist Marie Long began working as a Reflexologist in Lowestoft in 2005 and has built up her practice to incorporate several other therapies including Indian Head Massage and Reiki. She provides a comprehensive healing service for those in need of relaxation and re-balancing.

    "I believe that we all have an innate healing ability and that holistic therapies can help us to access that energy and put us in touch with our inner selves. I have found great benefits from my involvement in the world of complementary health and hope that you will find something there for you too.

    I approach my work in a calm, sensitive and intuitive way and believe that healing is always possible on some level but the more attuned we can become to our own energy field, the more we can help ourselves to restore balance to our minds and bodies."

  • Marie’s Personal Philosophy

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Marie is fully qualified and insured and a member of the Association of Reflexologists. She holds several qualifications in the field of holistic health and keeps up to date with current practice by attending workshops and events and committing to the AOR’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.




CPD/Advanced Workshops:

  • Reflexology and Hormones (Al Campbell)
  • Hand Reflexology Level 2 (Pathways School)
  • Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Being through the Feet (Chris Stormer)
  • Intuition and Sound Reflexology (H Perkins)
  • Basic First Aid (First Aid Training Associates)
  • Baby Reflex and Toddler Workshop (Baby Reflex)
1st Block

Treatment Room

The treatment room at Magenta Therapy has a very peaceful atmosphere and gentle music is played to add to a sense of relaxation. Marie also uses singing bowls and Tibetan bells to balance the energies and infuse a sense of inner tranquillity. Various crystals in the room contribute to a powerful healing environment.

2nd Block

SPIRITUAL ART… adding another dimension to the healing experience

Marie has been creating channelled spiritual artwork for a number of years, and many of her paintings can be found adorning the walls of her healing room. She also sells some originals, prints and cards.

3rd Block

The powerful vibrations and colours within the artwork enhance the healing effect and add an extra dimension to the rebalancing and re-centering process. They are also calming and help encourage a meditative state of mind. To view Marie’s art gallery or book an art reading, please visit the gallery pages.