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    Holistic therapist Marie Long began working as a Reflexologist in Lowestoft in 2005 and has built up her practice to incorporate several other therapies including Indian Head Massage and Reiki. She provides a comprehensive healing service for those in need of relaxation and re-balancing.

    "I believe that we all have an innate healing ability and that holistic therapies can help us to access that energy and put us in touch with our inner selves. My approach to healthcare is to look at the overall picture rather than individual symptoms, encouraging clients to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. I have found great benefits from my involvement in the world of complementary health and hope that you will find something there for you too.

    Marie approaches her work in a calm, sensitive and intuitive way and believes that healing is always possible on some level; the more attuned we can become to our own energy field, the more we can help ourselves to restore balance to our minds and bodies."

    In addition to working in the therapeutic field, Marie is a keen musician having graduated with a Masters in Music from Anglia Polytechcnic University in 2002. She enjoys playing the piano, guitar and singing. She also loves painting, drawing and creative projects. Please visit the Spiritual Art pages for more information on her artwork.

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Treatment Room

The bespoke treatment room at Magenta Therapy is positioned on the ground floor which is helpful for those with mobility issues. It has a very peaceful atmosphere and gentle, reflective music is played to add to a sense of deep relaxation. Marie also uses singing bowls and Tibetan bells to balance the energies and infuse a sense of inner tranquillity. Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions include a guided meditation at the beginning and end of the treatment to help you to switch off and focus on your healing.

The majority of the treatments take place on the couch, with the exception of Physiokey and Indian Head Massage which are received in a seated position using an 'On-site' chair. There are extra pillows and blankets available to make you feel more comfortable during your experience. There is also the option for Marie to use essential oils in a burner or diffuser as well as during the Aromaflex Reflexology sessions.

There are a variety of crystals placed around the room to add to a powerful healing environment. They help to absorb negative energies and strengthen positive ones. You can also choose your own dynamic crystals and gemstones from the Mystical Gems crystal shop or ask Marie to connect into your energy field and intuit the best choices for you.

For more information on the crystals in the shop, please visit the Mystical Gems page.

Spiritual Art

SPIRITUAL ART… adding another dimension to the healing experience

Marie has been creating channelled spiritual artwork for a number of years, and many of her paintings can be found adorning the walls of her healing room. She also sells some originals, prints and cards.

Marie's artwork has developed in many different areas over the years and includes aspects of the spiritual dimensions including guides, angels and ascended masters as well as colour, creativity and imagination. She also paints landscapes and other scenic paintings.

More information about Marie's spiritual art can be found on the Spiritual Art Pages.

Art Explanation

The powerful vibrations and colours within the artwork enhance the healing effect and add an extra dimension to the rebalancing and re-centering process. They are also calming and help encourage a meditative state of mind.

Marie works in a number of ways with different media such as Acrylics, Oils, Pastels and Pencils, creating art which helps to express something of the spiritual realms and healing vibrations with which she works.

Both the crystals and the artwork are integral aspects of Marie's work, helping to bridge the connection between the phsyical and spiritual planes through colour and form. Together with the healing therapies, they present a package of calm, wisdom and insight to take with you on your journey into greater balance and self-awareness.

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