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‘Colours of the Soul’ intuitive paintings combine spiritual art, healing aspects and intuitive insights to create an individualised creative tool for meditation and reflection. They can help to empower an individual on their soul’s journey and facilitate a deeper connection with their inner self.

An intuitive painting can be seen as a portrait of a person’s unique soul’s expression, spiritual gifts and inner knowledge and may encourage greater alignment with their spiritual centre and the greater cosmic network. Think of the painting as an interpretation of your energetic signature, translating the frequencies of your soul into colour, enhancing your intuition and spiritual connection.

A painting and reading can be given to someone as a gift, perhaps at a significant time in their life such as a wedding, the birth of a child, a new beginning or birthday. The anniversary of our birth always marks an energetic shift and the opportunity for growth and expansion into new areas.

2nd Block

Some of the symbolism contained within can include:

  • Soul colours
  • Ray colours
  • Aura colours
  • Ascension images
  • Sacred geometry
  • Symbolism
  • Imaginery
  • Nature
  • Divine energies
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Art and colour are very powerful tools for transformation and, when created with a spiritual intention, a painting can provide a doorway to accessing higher knowledge and dimensions beyond the physical.

Often people strongly identify with the colours and images which appear; they find that they really resonate with them and perhaps find comfort from them. There may however be aspects of the picture which are more uncomfortable and these represent areas for growth and expansion or karmic blocks.

4th Block

An intuitive painting is totally unique to the recipient (no two are the same!) and expresses aspects of that person, for example, their personality strengths and weaknesses and inner soul qualities. These are expressed through colour, symbolism, shape and form. Alongside the painting itself, an intuitive reading is given which focuses on spiritual growth and alignment with the soul’s path. It can help identify any emotional, mental and physical barriers to wholeness. The painting can be worked with over a period of time after the reading, in meditation or reflection, to help release these blockages and move into a lighter vibration.

Marie’s intuitive paintings are usually created on watercolour paper A3 or A4 size and use a variety of mediums including inks, pastels, watercolours, pastel pencils and pens. They can be created in person or remotely, via email or post (postage costs may apply).

If you would like to order a spiritual painting as a gift voucher please contact Marie by email.

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Disclaimer: For reasons of legality, all psychic, clairvoyant, & mediumship readings are deemed as for ‘entertainment purposes only’. Although Marie links into the individual in a psychic way, information given focuses on empowering the person rather than fortune telling or information about loved ones in the spirit world. Please always use common sense and seek the appropriate specialists if required such as a solicitor, doctor or professional guidance counsellor or any other professional body that can help you in specific matters. What you choose to do with the information received, including any actions you take, is down to your own personal responsibility and choice.